Bakhtawar bhutto is getting married

Bakhtavar Bhuto-Zardari got engaged to the son of American businessman Mahmoud Chaudhry last year. Well, she is ready to marry him later this month. And we look forward to reporting the events of your big day to you! This is exactly you need to know.

Bakhtavar is the daughter of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and former President Asif Ali Zardari. Your wedding will last a whole week.

In Fajar’s report, a PPP source was quoted as saying that his summons would take place on January 29. Meanwhile, the western function took place the next day.

“Prior to this event, a miracle will be held on January 24 and a mehndi event will be held on the 27th,” said a source with knowledge of the dawn ceremony details.

Additionally, a statement from Bilawal House stated that around 30 guests are expected to be in the barracks on January 30 with the COVID-19 SOP.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson also confirmed that all events will be held in Karachi.

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