Monday, May 29, 2023

Babar Azam wants to be the best cricketer

Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, has stated that he had dreamed of becoming the world’s finest cricketer since he was a child.

Babar Azam stated in a video released by the International Cricket Council (ICC) that “I always wanted to be the best player, and when I was young, it was my desire to be someone who was liked and backed by everyone as a cricketer.”

“I’m continuing on that journey, and I’m working hard to be more consistent and to enhance my performance,” he said. “I’m always thinking about achieving my goal.”

Captain Babar Azam of Pakistan has stated that his team will play with consistency and do their best in the next matches of the T20 World Cup in India and Pakistan.

The expectation of fans to perform in every game, according to the world’s top one-day international batter, is a source of confidence for him, and he aspires to keep the supporters pleased by assisting Pakistan to win every game.

The famous cricketer stated that his ambition is to develop a strong Pakistan squad that is capable of defeating any team in the globe and ensuring that the country’s flag remains flying high.

Babar Azam has stated that he has always wished to be the best and that he is still striving to reach the goals that he set for himself as a child.

The 27-year-old batsman has scored 2332 runs in 59 Twenty20 International innings, which is the most by any other player in the first 59 Twenty20 International innings of their career. Because of his repeated match-winning achievements for his country, he has become the focal point of the supporters’ expectations.

According to Babar, “It is my obligation to live up to the expectations of the fans.”

“They always want us to put in a good performance in every game, and that gives me confidence.” “I constantly strive to make my supporters happy and satisfied with my performances, as well as to assist Pakistan in winning matches,” he continued.

Moreover, as captain, Babar’s primary focus is on putting together an experienced group of players who are capable of flying the Pakistani flag with pride at all times.

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