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Meet Azeem Choudhry, an internet sensation Desi Rapper and Singer

Choudhry Muhammad Azeem, better known by his stage name Azeem Choudhry, is a Pakistani rapper, songwriter, and actor who is most recognised for his work in the desi rapping-style music.

Azeem was born on October 20, 1998, in the Pakistani city of Nankana Sahib, Punjab. Azeem grew up in Nankana Sahib, which he refers to as his “hometown.” He spent a considerable portion of his youth there.

Azeem shifted to Lahore City in order to proceed with his high school education at Punjab College. Azeem and his family chose to go to Belgium for a better future. He and his family migrated to Belgium with him when he was 15 years old and are currently residing in Brussels, Belgium, a city in the country’s north-east.

On December 8, 2017, Azeem Choudhry released his first single track, “Asi 2-4 Yaar,” which became an instant smash. The song was created by well-known musical artist Mike Bulgakov, who is also known for his work in Music Industry.

Upon the release of Azeem’s hit song “Paki Drill” in 2021, he immediately got a large amount of attention on social media platforms.

Azeem Choudhry was first inspired by Bohemia, a musical artist, and afterwards he discovered Rap Demon and Talha Younus, two other artists that influenced him. He grew up listening to their music and eventually decided to pursue a professional career as a punjabi rapper as a result of his influences.

Lahore Herald recently interviewed Azeem and we enquired as to why his songs often have a “gangster” feel to them. His response was as follows: He explained that he “actually belongs to an area where gangster life style is the norm,” and that “this is why all of my songs are on gangster type feel.” Azeem’s music is influenced by his hometown.

Through the creation of desi rapping-style music, Azeem Choudhry hopes to establish himself as a well-known international desi rapping artist.

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