Friday, March 31, 2023

Ayesha Omar silenced a fan who inquired about her ‘wedding dance fee’

Ayesha Omar has silenced a fan who asked how much she ‘charges’ to dance at weddings without being angry.

In a recent social media video, the actor can be seen dancing to a Bollywood song during a Mehendi. Inevitably, Omar was called ‘vulgar’.

Ayesha Omar recently sang at a friend’s wedding, featuring Bollywood hits like Munni Badnaam Hui from Dabbang.

Azfar Rehman and Ali Rehman Khan also joined the Bulbulay diva. The Mehendi video clips have gone viral on social media.

“How much does she charge for wedding dancing?” a person commented. “She doesn’t dance at random weddings,” Omar replied. It was a close friend’s wedding and just for fun. Not for cash.”

“She doesn’t charge anything,” she added. We are normal people like you. Like some of you, we dance at weddings of friends and family when our busy work schedules allow. We make it work. It’s not just about money. Some of it is spiritual. “Dancing with my close friends feeds my soul,” she said.

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