Monday, December 11, 2023

Ayesha Akram’s publicity stunt with Rambo has been exposed

A new turn has been taken as new information emerge from the contentious event that triggered National Oddness and extensive public debate in Minar E Pakistan about the frequency of sexual assault and harassment.

The victim Ayesha Akram herself and her TikTokers team wanted to cooperate with other TikTokers to increase the public, which is a regular experience for the TikTok community, according to reports. One of her crews, known as Rambo, is said to appear on ARY News Channel to be a member of Sar-E-TV Aam’s show.

A declaration from the security officer at Greater Iqbal Park indicated that, on the eve of independence, Ayesha Akram and her team had come to see their admirers.

According to the security officer, Ayesha was able to flee the situation after the mob began pestering her, but she decided not to stay there for more than two hours. Later, when they reached the location, she declined to file a lawsuit with the police.

Another lesser known truth is that her guys were team members, and Ayesha’s FiancĂ© is a team member known as Rambo.

His own team member, who is the same team member that is shown as a bodyguard, may be seen on another video.

Earlier, Ayesha Akram recorded videos of TikTok with her lover Rambo, wherein he lifted her on 14 August, in the same way that they were seen lifting her.

This Minar E incident in Pakistan made many think that the crowd tackled and sexually attacked her, however the man holding her was her team member Rambo.

The boyfriend of Ayesha Akram hoisted her into a Tiktok video just as she was at Minar E Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Instagram photos of the Ayesha Akram never suggested that she was suffering through trauma following what had occurred to her in Minar E, Pakistan.

Following her video in Minar E Pakistan, she became conscious of the trend, and chose to get aid by the police and the media. She was interviewed by Iqrar ul Hassan and Yasir Shami, which immediately soared in the mainstream media.

Mathira accepted Instagram to share her opinion that the tragic occurrence has been cashed by Ayesha Akram and that she cannot see any grief or sorrow on her face.

Waqar Zaka tweeted that the event in Minar E Pakistan was a stunt in publicity and would examine this occurrence, which he calls an issue of Pakistan’s honour, in order to reveal the truth.

Punjab Police have put up a special investigation team to discover whether the police had not responded to 15 calls, as stated by Ayesha and Rambo.

An FIR was made against 400 guys and police actively identify and arrest individuals engaged in the crime.

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