Monday, April 15, 2024

Ayesha Akram misleads the Punjab Police by supplying fake information

The latest evolution of Tiktoker Ayesha Akram and her crew in the Minar E event in Pakistan now has new characteristics.

The Ayesha Akram victim gave the Punjab Police the false address. Nevertheless, despite the bogus information supplied, media and police were able to locate Ayesha Akram’s true residence.

The address supplied by Ayesha Akram in the police complaint record was visited by a YouTube reporter known as Sheraz Speaks.

At Ayesha Akram’s address, journalist Sheraz encountered an elderly citizenship couple, who told him she didn’t reside in Ayesha Akram.

The pair were questioned whether they knew someone called Ayesha Akram. “We don’t know who Ayesha Akram is, but we are upset by reporters and police who have visited us in search of “Ayesha Akram.” The couple answered.

They added, they also remarked, “We condemn what Ayesha endured, but what was the rationale for giving our address, not her own,?” “The couple told us that Ayesha Akram was kidnapped and sexually abused on Minar E Pakistan.

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