Sunday, March 26, 2023

AWS introduces Amplify Studio, a new low-code app creation platform

AWS today introduced Amplify Studio, a new Figma-connected no-code/low-code service designed to let developers build cloud-connected apps quickly. In addition to building web and mobile apps, Amplify Studio adds a drag-and-drop interface to the existing AWS Amplify service.

Interesting step by AWS to connect Studio to the popular Figma UI design tool. From there, developers may connect to their backend data and build the application logic in Studio. Of course, it saves AWS from building its own design tool. amplify studio converts Figma designs into React UI component code.

‘UI Library (Preview)’ lets you sync components from Figma to Studio, says AWS’ Rene Brandel. “Additionally, a quick start Figma file is provided by Amplify. There are UI primitives and pre-built components in the Amplify Figma file Studio may also sync new Figma components!”

According to Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, this is still a developer-first service aimed towards front-end developers. That means developers may quickly export their apps into their existing DevOps process.

Using the AWS Cloud Development Kit, developers can override some of the pre-built components in Studio. This way, AWS claims, developers won’t run into problems scaling their projects as they — and their needs — increase.

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