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YouTube Deleted Channels operated by Myanmar Military for Violating Community Guidelines

YouTube deleted Myanmar military channels for Violating its rules and Community Guidelines. YouTube has closed around 20 channels

Former US President Donald Trump YouTube Account will be restored as Risk of Violence decreases YouTube CEO says

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said ,Donald Trump YouTube Account will be activated as the risk of Violence decreases. YouTube will see the level of Violence

Tiktok introduces a new Feature of Q&A to engage more with Community

Tiktok introduces new Q&A feature for the Creators to engage with more users. They can also find answers of their questions from this feature.

WhatsApp Launches feature of Voice and Video Calling in Desktop App

WhatsApp launches feature for Desktop App to Voice and Video Calling for its Mac and iOS users. WhatsApp started distributing the desktop

WhatsApp Introduces new Feature for Android and iOS Users to Import Third-Party Sticker Packs

WhatsApp feature for Android and iOS users to Import Third-party Stickers Packs. Users can import them into the instant messaging platform.

Twitter will Suspend those Accounts Spreading Misinformation about Covid-19 Vaccines

Twitter will suspend Account Spreading Misinformation on Covid Pandemic and Vaccenations and stopping the persistent repeaters.

Facebook Launches new Tiktok like Music Application Called BARS

According to the report, Facebook launches BARS application which is likely to the Tiktok app which allows the user to write rhymes

Instagram is Launching new Feature to Go Live Four Persons at a Time

Instagram is Launching new Feature to Go Live Four Persons at a Time four persons during a live broadcast, compared to the previous limit.

Oppo Will Launch X3 Smart Phone Series to Debut on March 11

According to GSMArena, Chinese Smartphone Company Oppo announces that Oppo will Launch X3 series on 11 March with new Features

India’s Reliance Has Become Partner of Google and Facebook for Digital Payment System

Reliance Become Partner of Google and Facebook to build a nationwide digital payments network in India the Economic Times reported

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Google increases ad rates after digital tax

Google has notified its customers that it will increase ad rates on French and Spanish platforms by two percent starting in May to offset the impact of digital taxes on profits.