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Cyprus Issue: ‘Rear opportunity’ to seize settlements

The EU's foreign affairs chief said there is a "Rear opportunity" of reaching an agreement on the Cyprus issue.

Russia hopes to settle Indo-China border conflict soon

Russia hopes that India and China would find a way to resolve the conflict in the Ladakh border region, Maria Zakhrova.

US is following Kashmir Situation very closely

The United States has assured the international community that it is closely monitoring the Jammu and Kashmir situation.

UK Home Office accused 34,000 International Students

Nearly 34,000 foreign students were unfairly affected when the UK Home Office revoked student visas based on misleading and confusing evidence.

French Ex-President sentenced to jail for corruption charges

French Ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy has sentenced to three years in prison for corruption. Also two of them have suspended.

Israel officially recieved the first ever UAE ambassador

President of Israel officially received the first UAE ambassador after the two countries reached an agreement to normalize relations last year.

Iran nuclear deal: Tehran rules out informal talks to revive the deal

Iran has rejected informal meetings with the United States and other European powers on how to revive the "Iran nuclear deal".

Bloodiest day of protests against military coup in Myanmar

Myanmar police shot protesters across the country on Sunday, the bloodiest day in weeks of anti-military coup protests, killing at least 18 people.

Donald Trump announced the future of the Republican Party

US former President Donald Trump was declaring himself the dominant person in the fragmented America's Republican Party on Sunday.

Putin’s opponent shifted to penal colony at outside Moscow

President Mr. Putin's opponent Alexei Navalny has transferred to a penal colony in eastern Moscow to serve a sentence for violating parole.

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Google increases ad rates after digital tax

Google has notified its customers that it will increase ad rates on French and Spanish platforms by two percent starting in May to offset the impact of digital taxes on profits.