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WHO is concerned about Brazil and warns on calming fight

A senior World Health Organization official said Friday, citing fears the Brazil epidemic could spread to other countries.

AstraZeneca vaccine delivery to Australia ‘Blocked’ by Italy

The Italian government has blocked the shipments of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine delivery to Australia. The decision affects 250,000 doses.

PAC Reveals the Govt plans to buy vaccine this year

The government address the health challenges of Covid-19 through donated vaccines as there are no plans to buy vaccines at least this year.

Fall in coronavirus infections has slowed in UK

The speed of fall in coronavirus infections in England has slowed and within the capital it should even get on the increase, worrying new figures show.

Pakistan to receive 10m free covid vaccines from COVAX

Pakistan, Nigeria, and Indonesia are among the most important recipients of free Covid vaccines before June quite 10 million doses each the Covax scheme announced on Tuesday.

First vaccine dose decrease hospitalization risk by 90%

The first vaccine dose can reduce the danger of hospital admission by over 90 percent, in step with a brand new English study.

Covid variant in Brazil ‘may spread more easily

Covid variant in Brazil now found in the UK appears more spreadable and may avoid immunity provided by past infection, scientists say.

Two Mayo staffers covid test positive after first vaccine shot

Two health workers become covid test positive after vaccination, raising doubts about re-exposure of the large number of people being vaccinated in Punjab.

Philippines start vaccination against coronavirus

The Philippines start vaccination program against COVID-19 on Monday. Health workers were the first to be vaccinated against in a campaign.

Fear of third Covid wave in Pakistan due to removing restrictions early

With most of restrictions having been relaxed even with the lukewarm reaction of health workers toword vaccination campaign, health experts fear a revival in the number of cases may make government declare a third covid wave in country

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