Friday, April 19, 2024

Australia says no more changes in law for Facebook and Google till the final vote approaches

Australia will not change the law that would cause Facebook as well as Google to pay news agencies for content, a senior lawmaker said on Monday as Canberra approached the final vote on passing the bill.

While, Australia and the tech giants are at an impasse over the bill that is widely seen as a global precedent.

Other countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom also have already expressed interest in taking similar action.

Although Google and Facebook campaigned against the laws, Google last week struck deals with major Australian vehicles, including a global deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

“There is no reason why Facebook cannot do and achieve what Google already has,” Birmingham also added.

However, A Facebook representative declined to comment on Monday about the law, which passed the House last week and has the support of a majority in the Senate.

Moreover, The final vote after the so-called third reading of the bill is on Tuesday.

But The DIGI lobby group, which represents Facebook, Google, and other online platforms such as Twitter Inc, said on Monday that its members agreed to adopt an industry-wide code of practice to reduce the spread of misinformation online.

Furthermore, According to the voluntary code, they are committed to identifying and preventing unidentified accounts, or “bots”, from propagating content, and also inform users about the origins of the content, and the publication of an annual transparency report, among other measures.

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