Thursday, March 23, 2023

Auditor General asks FBR to clarify why it got hacked

The Auditor General of Pakistan has done ask the FBR to report on the hacking of FBR systems. The huge breakdown of the data center and the E-Portal, and the progress on improving the IT security system (AGP).

In its report on the hacking of the FBR website, the Auditor General of Pakistan says that the contract between FBR and Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited guarantees “data security” (PRAL). No outside organization or tax professional will be able to get FBR information from the PRAL. Common data governance rules say that more policies and procedures for system security and access control that are specific to services always do prepare.

If there is a real or possible breach of FBR’s data security, such as a breach of the firewall. PRAL will help FBR protect its data. The firewalls and security certifications for the following apps must always be up to date. PRAL can’t use the security certification it did buy for anything else that makes money.

Auditors found that the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) electronic gateway has really blown up all over the country. Due to widespread hacking of FBR apps like IRIS, ITMS, Web, One Customs, and others. It did find when the books became did check for the fiscal year 2020–21.

For the fiscal year that ends on June 30, 2021, Rs.990.00 million was spent on PRAL services and equipment, and assets provided by the FBR.

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Even though PRAL received enough funds from FBR, the audit found that it couldn’t keep a good system running. The data security agreement that FBR and PRAL signed says that FBR must always keep its firewall. Security certification for its applications is up to date. PRAL said that the firewalls in the data center were strong enough to stop hackers from getting any information. But changes and improvements are still doing make to the system.

The Auditor General of Pakistan did emphasize that the committee’s fact-finding report on the major breakdown of the data center and the d e-Portal of FBR is sometimes doing audits along with the progress on upgrading the system, as long as the AGP is first aware.

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