Friday, December 1, 2023

Athiya Shetty claims teen body shaming

Actress Athiya Shetty speaks out about body shaming. She felt self-conscious about her body because she was mocked for being underweight as a teen.

“I used to be a victim of body shaming. People need to understand that body-shaming is related with both being overweight and skinny, and I have never believed in criticising someone’s weight, appearance, or anything that can make them feel less confident.

You don’t know someone’s struggles or insecurities. If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything. Our words affect people and our daily lives. The way we feel affects our daily activities,” Athiya stated.

“I don’t deal with them anymore,” she continued. I used to when I was a kid and a teen. I used to be quite self-aware. But today I am much better since I am confident. Unaware of the term, many feel it applies to obese people, which is also unacceptable. People who are slim or appear a specific way are also shamed. That’s also false.”

Athiya claims that films, periodicals, and social media have promoted body shaming. Aspire to have a certain physical type or appearance due of social media, magazine covers, movies, and reality shows. “There are so many false adjectives of beautiful, and it’s scary because everyone wants to appear like that,” she remarked.

Athiya emphasised accepting one’s weaknesses. The use of social media is also beginning at a young age, which is both sad and frightening. Realistic magazine covers have helped men and women learn that being real is also beautiful. Being authentic involves having flaws, which is fine.

Imperfect is perfect. It’s vital to educate society on the fact that no two people are same. It’s primarily about women, but males aren’t all the same. You should not feel that way,” she said.

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