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At least 12 dead, several injured in Karachi Shershah gas explosion

A gas explosion in the Pakistani port city of Karachi resulted in the deaths of at least 12 persons and the injuries of several others on Saturday.

According to police, the explosion took place in a bank facility in the Shershah neighbourhood. Meanwhile, television video showed the windows and doors of the two-story structure blown out, with documents strewn across a large area.

Bomb disposal squad (BDS) officials have also stated that a leak of gas was the cause of the explosion.

Damage was also done to automobiles and motorcycles that had been parked nearby. The massive explosion reduced the bank’s walls to a mudslide of ash and debris. Shops in the area were also damaged as a result.

Following the event, a large number of Rangers and police officers were on the scene promptly. In the meantime, on the direction of the Sindh Health Minister, an emergency has been declared at the Trauma Center and the Jinnah Hospital in Karachi.

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Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah took notice of the occurrence and asked the Karachi commissioner to conduct an investigation into the incident..

“A police officer should also be included in the investigation,” says the author. To allow for a thorough examination of every issue,” he stated, expressing his sorrow over the loss of life.
The chief minister has asked the secretary of health to ensure that the Civil Hospital Karachi has all of the necessary amenities and services.

He also directed the local administration to dispatch personnel to the hospital and the scene of the explosion in order to provide the best possible assistance to the injured.

In Pakistan, gas cylinder explosions caused by malfunctioning gas cylinders — which are used for cooking as well as in automobiles — are widespread.

Despite the fact that Karachi accounts for 60 percent of Pakistan’s economic output, the city has long been plagued by crumbling infrastructure, illegal building, and failed municipal services.

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