Sunday, December 10, 2023

Asim Azhar unveiled the story behind of his viral video

Asim Azhar is the latest artist to be forced to interrupt his performance during a concert in order to call out miscreants. It also already happened with Atif Aslam, Talha Anjum, and Aima Baig. A recent video of the artist shows him instructing a group of men while performing on stage.
In an attempt to avoid revealing what they are doing, Asim reminds them that families are in attendance as well. So, whatever they are doing is making them feel uncomfortable.

Asim Azhar recently took to his Instagram account to reveal the true cause for his outburst towards the bunch of people. He also reacted to those who accused him of staging a PR hoax.

“Anyone who has attended one of my concerts knows that we accept everything except the disturbance or harassment of families. With that statement, the gentleman I was addressing here did not say anything to me. But he and his pals were openly imbibing and making a family feel extremely uncomfortable,” Asim replied..

“I will continue to call out anyone who make my audience feel uncomfortable. Those who believe this was a prank are free to believe whatever they want. Everything is visible from the stage, which is really beneficial for me,” Asim stated.

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