Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Asif Zardari wants pre-arrest bail for the New York Apartment case

An inquiry for former president Asif Ali Zardari started on Monday by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), accusing him of hiding the property of a New York flat that the office alleges he owns.

In response, the PPP head submitted a plea for pre-arrest bail in the investigation to the high court of Islamabad (IHC).

NAB notified the former president, through a notification, that the flat he had in New York was not revealed in Pakistan.

NAB further pointed out that no documents of lawful money were received from Pakistan to acquire an apartment in New York could not be obtained from the anti-graft agency,

In the petition, the former president claimed that, in response to the notification, he got a notice from NAB on 15 June. Zardari said he sought the property for a long period to collect information.

The former president said in the appeal, “There is a history of NAB targeting me. “I have numerous problems and receive medical therapy,” he continued.

In the case, Zardari urged the High Court to give him bail and declare the message issued by NAB unlawful, till the final judgment.

Zardari’s purported residence in NY is owned by Ali Zaidi.

Federal Minister Ali Haider Zaidi, reportedly owned by the PPP co-chairperson, tweeted the New York apartment property tax invoices in 2018.

In his nomination documents, the PTI has referred Zardari to the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP) for allegedly concealing the estate.

Khurram Sher Zaman of the PTI and Firdou Shamim Naqvi of the ECP Sindh requested that the situation be brought to light and that the Zardari be disqualified as a member of the National Assembly. The Provincial Electoral Commissioner claimed that it could only be controlled by the ECP Islamabad.

The apartment address was given as 524 East 72 street, Apt 37F, NY, NY Manhattan 10021 in the property paperwork tweeted by Zaidi. Zaidi tagged Zaman in a tweet saying, “Your petition is supplemented with information@khurram2004.”

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