Monday, December 11, 2023

Ashraf Ghani fled the country As the Taliban entered Kabul

On Sunday, when the Taliban instructed its fighting fellows to wait at the outskirts of the city, Afghan President Ashraf Ghanai fled the country following a remarkable rout of government forces.

Abdullah, who oversees the peace process, said in a video on his Facebook page, “The previous President of Afghanistan departed the country.”

The Taliban have returned to the Afghan capital twenty years after being ousted from Kabul. The Taliban came into Kabul within hours after seizing the city of Jalalabad on the Pakistani border.

A Taliban spokesperson said that Kabul would not be taken by force and that a negotiation will decide the destiny of the capital. There were, however, contradictory reports about the presence of Taliban combatants in various sections of the city.

It is also discussed that a transitional administration would have peaceful transfer of power, and that Ali Ahmad Jalali will lead the government.

The Taliban were in the Kalakan, Qarabagh and Paghman districts of the city, the ABC News said, quoting three Afghan officials from the Associated Press.

The Taliban militants were told not to enter the city, they added, to remain at the doors of Kabul.

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