Thursday, June 8, 2023

Ashley Iaconetti is expecting her first child

No longer a bachelor, in baby paradise Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon married couple is going to be. In July, the favorites of reality TV fans revealed that together they are expecting their first child, wonderful news that sadly comes along with not so cheerful side effects.

Iaconetti on Instagram Ashley Iaconetti said she had morning sickness and had to write “Baby Haibon is due Feb 10th! We’re are very excited for that day to come! It’s so cool to think I’m creating a human that’s half me and half Jared! I won’t lie though, pregnancy has not been a delight for me. The nausea has been relentless and I throw up multiple times most days. I knew the first trimester wasn’t easy for most, but I didn’t imagine my life to come to a standstill feeling like I have an extreme hangover for 5 weeks and counting. Thank you all for the love and congratulations today!! Hearing so many stories from followers and friends about their experiences has made me feel better about all the changes my body is going through and a lot less alone!”

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