Monday, May 29, 2023

Arrest Iqrar Ul Hassan is the most popular topic on Twitter right now

In the aftermath of the incident in Minar E Pakistan, several facts indicated that it was organized for advertising purposes.

Another confusing aspect was discovered when Iqrar Ul Hassan, a Pakistani journalist who initially interviewed Ayesha Akram with Yasir Shami told that he was at the house of Ayesha Akram to interview her.

Muhamamd Saqib Javed made a query to journalist Yasir Shami interview with the same background, while presenting another photo.

Muhamamd Saqib Javed requested Iqrar first to decide if you had come to you for an interview, or whether you had viewed Ayesha’s site.

Muhamamd Saqib Javed stated, you’ll have to tell 10 more lies To cover up a falsehood. Soon following the disclosures, social media opposed Iqrar Ul Hassan for making a false statement to explain himself and over 62.8K Tweets using Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Hashtag Arrest.

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