Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Six more killed in Army-Militia clash in Myanmar

Four protesters and two officers has killed in battle of Myanmar army with civilian militia in country’s second largest city. At least ten army personals also wounded and eight militia members arrested for possession of improvised explosive devices.

Fighting erupted in Myanmar after a coup in February when people formed a defense force to combat brutal military action against dissent.

Four other members of the self-defense group died when they were trying to escape but car crashed. Moreover, Security forces stormed a house in the Mandalay town and shot with gunfire and grenades. Whereas, Mandalay residents can hear artillery fire even though their house is far from this place.

Myanmar’s Army-Militia clash increasing violence in country

The US Embassy in Yangon said on Twitter that we have concerns about the military escalation in Mandalay. US urged Myanmar an end to the violence.

Many analysts believe hundreds of protesters from Myanmar’s cities have traveled to rebel-held areas for military training for fighting against brutal army. But part-time fighters know that it is one of the toughest and most brutal fighting for Southeast Asia. Furthermore, many odds are against them in any confrontation with Myanmar’s military.

Moreover, According to a local surveillance group more than 870 civilians have killed in the uprising battle against the military coup.

Detained Myanmar’s leader Suu Kyi appeared in Junta court

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi reappeared in a junta court in a lawsuit over rioting and violating Covid restrictions during elections. The court heard testimony that she violated Covid-19 restrictions in last year’s election and her party won convincingly. It also heard testimony on various charges of rioting. Journalists and reporters had not allowed to enter in court during proceeding.

Under house arrest and a series of unseen trials, Suu Kyi has faced an eclectic range of charges. Accepting illegal gold payments and violating secret colonial laws are the most severe charges.

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