Monday, September 25, 2023

Apple’s Touch ID keyboard is now available as a standalone purchase

When Apple released an updated iMac with the M1 chipset, they also announced a new apple’s Magic Keyboard accessory that comes with built-in Touch ID. Although the keyboard is currently only available when purchasing an iMac, it now appears to be available as a separate purchase.
For those interested, the standard model costs $149. However, if you prefer the full-size version, which comes with built-in digital digits. Then the price will be slightly higher at $179. It’s a wireless keyboard so you can use it wirelessly with your other Macs. But there’s also something to look out for.

Apple decided that the new apple’s Magic touch id Keyboard would only be compatible with Apple Silicon Macs. This means you can’t use it with older Intel-based Apple Macs. Oddly enough, this doesn’t work well with the updated iPad Pro that comes with the same M1 chipset. So keep this in the mind when planning to buy one.

In addition to the new Magic Keyboard, Apple will also be selling a redesigned Magic Trackpad with the same rounded corners as the keyboard, for those who value the right accessories.

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