Thursday, June 1, 2023

Apples new security feature to keep your kids safe online

One of the advantages of modern messaging systems is that you can send all kinds of media files such as photos and videos. That also means, of course, that sexually explicit content can be sent. Which is fine if it’s between two adults with consonants, but what about unsolicited ones? To solve this issue company has announced a new apples security feature.
What if a stranger finds out your child’s phone number and sends you unsolicited adult material? In fact, if your child is using an iPhone and using the Messages app, Apple has announced a new security feature. This apples new security feature will help prevent this from happening.

This has done in the form of machine learning on the device. Which analyzes the image attached to the message to see if it is photo sensitive. When this has detected, the photo will be blur and a warning will be give. Parents will also be notified when the child sees it. This works in a different way: if your child sends sensitive content, they will have warned beforehand. And the parents will also receive a notification.

This feature is yet to appear as it has expected to be part of the iOS 15 update and also only works on devices with account settings like iCloud family.

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