Thursday, March 23, 2023

Apple Will Fix Unlock With Apple Watch Bug Soon

It has reported last week that iPhone 13 owners who also have an Apple Watch were experiencing a bug that prevented them from using their smartwatch to unlock their phones. As a result, Apple has stated that they are aware of the problem and that a patch will be released in a future update, albeit they did not specify when that update would be released.
According to Apple, “Apple has detected a bug with Unlock with Apple Watch on iPhone 13 devices that may prevent it from working”. If you attempt to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask, you may see the error message. “Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch,” or you may be unable to set up “Unlock with Apple Watch.”

“This issue will resolve in a future software update,” says the developer. While you wait for the upgrade to become available, you can disable Unlock with Apple Watch. And unlock your iPhone 13 with your passcode instead.”

In case you’re not familiar with the function, it has originally launched last year during the epidemic. When individuals began to wear masks to protect themselves. Users were no longer able to use security features such as Face ID while wearing a mask. Which defeated the purpose of the function, and as a result, they became more irritating.

However, by selecting Unlock with Apple Watch, users could unlock their iPhones using Face ID even while wearing a mask. As long as they had their Apple Watch on their wrist and had validated themselves. Fortunately, it is a really useful function, so perhaps Apple will not take too long to implement a patch.

Keep in mind that this is a problem that only affects the iPhone 13 and that older iPhones that are compatible with it have not affected.

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