Thursday, February 22, 2024

Apple Sued In China For iPhone Charger Shortage

Apple took the decision not to include a charger with the iPhone 12 as part of the overall package. This has done, according to the firm, since it was environmentally friendly. However, we suspect that the company is making a tidy little profit selling its fast-charging chargers on its own. While many individuals around the world may be complaining about the shortage of chargers. It appears that the Apple has sued in China as a result of the situation. In this case against Apple, a group of university students in China is contesting the company’s assertions that not bundling the charger will aid in the conservation of natural resources.

In their opinion, the fact that Apple supplies a USB-C to Lightning connector renders the device incompatibility with other chargers available on the market. According to Apple, it is standard practice for phone manufacturers to sell their phones and chargers separately. However, the students contend that other phone manufacturers, such as those in China, offer packages. The packages in which buyers may select whether or not to include an adapter in the package.

While this is the case in China, it isn’t the only country in the globe where Apple is being sued by these kind of accusations. Only a few weeks ago, Brazilian regulators declared that they will examine Apple in connection with these concerns. As for whether buyers will gradually become accustomed to the lack of a charger. Or whether Apple will eventually buckle and bring it back. We’ll simply have to wait and watch how things turn out.

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