Friday, December 1, 2023

Apple Says Bluetooth Limits The AirPods Performance

Many mocked the AirPods look and pricing when they were originally revealed. They are now among the best-selling accessories, with new models and Pro editions. We suspect that simplicity of use and compatibility with Apple products are more important than sound quality. But Apple is also saying that Bluetooth limits the performance of AirPods.

But what else could Apple do to improve it? Finding a new wireless protocol may be the answer. Gary Geaves seems to imply this. For those unaware, Geaves is Apple’s VP of Acoustics and led the team that created the AirPods.

With regard to the AirPods sound quality, Geaves was asked by What HiFi if Bluetooth was a factor, to which he seemed to imply that it was. Geaves says:

Bluetooth technology has a lot to offer, but there are a few strategies we can use to maximize or work around some of its limits. But it’s fair to say we’d like greater bandwidth and we need additional bandwidth.”

We’ll have to see if Geaves’ comments imply Apple is working on its own proprietary wireless technology or leveraging other tech to improve the AirPods.

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