Friday, April 19, 2024

Apple releases Android app to tackle AirTags issues

Apple has released an app for Android smartphones, which will alert users if a tracking device is in close proximity to their device. Apple AirTags are little trackers that may connected to items such as keys or bags in the event. And also they have misplaced and track their whereabouts.

It is possible, however, that they will have used with evil intent, such as when they have planted on somebody without their knowledge. The new app allows Android users to detect trackers in their immediate vicinity that they do not own. A robust tracking network has created by utilizing millions of Apple devices. And each of which is capable of detecting adjacent tags, in order to make AirTags operate.

In an interview, Rachel Horman-Brown, who heads anti-stalking campaign organization Paladin, said: “These small affordable tags can potentially make it extremely easy for a stalker to place one in the victim’s car or personal belongings and then be able to follow their victim’s locations.”

Apple added a feature in iPhones two months after they have released to address concerns about exploitation. The feature alerted users if a “unknown AirTag” or other compatible third-party device has identified “travelling with you over time.”

The new Android Tracker Detect app also seeks to provide Android users with some of the security capabilities. Apple has put into its own devices, such as location tracking.

According to Apple’s support literature, the programme “searches for item trackers within Bluetooth range that have separated from their owners.”

Apple AirTags and other item trackers can be tracked using a scanner. If you feel someone is using them to keep tabs on your whereabouts, according to the document cited above.

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