Monday, April 15, 2024

Apple Rebuilds Apple Music As A Native Mac App

iTunes has originally designed to be a music software, where users could purchase music and also store their own personal music library. It has also used to transfer songs to the iPod, and as time went on. It evolved into a place where it housed a variety of additional features and functions. Such as the software used to link the iPhone and iPad to computers, podcasts, and other services.

It was as a result of this that the app became so bloated that Apple ultimately chose to split it into several separate standalone apps. According to a tweet by @basiliskblaze, it appears like Apple is now rewriting the music section of the app in order to make it a native app for macOS devices.

For those who are unfamiliar with the situation, while the music section of iTunes has spun out into Music app. The iTunes backend has preserved, which essentially served as a wrapper for online material. It effectively converting the app into a kind of wrapper in the process. However, despite the fact that it was more lightweight than iTunes earlier, it was still not optimal.

Specifically, the current beta version of macOS 12.2 revealed that the Apple Music app now makes use of AppKit. Which is the operating system’s native interface structure, according to a tweet. This means that once the app has entirely converted to a native macOS application. It should be able to operate more quickly and efficiently.

Even though it’s in the macOS 12.2 beta, we’re not sure if it’ll be finished in time for the next release. But for Apple app users on the Mac, this could be a feature to look forward to the near future.

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