Sunday, October 1, 2023

Apple Now Offers Home Repair Service for MacBook

Apple is getting ready to sell SSR kits for the M1 processors in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Users are able to fix their own gadgets at home.

Self-Service Repair for iPhones became a new service from Apple that came out in April. The United States became the exclusive market for this product at first. Soon, more places are always able to get this software, starting with those in Europe.

With this service, you could order a repair kit from Apple so you could fix your iPhone at home instead of taking it to a store. Apple also gives you a repair manual that shows you step by step how to fix the device. Even though it costs a lot, has some quirks, and is limited in some ways. This service will save you time and money if you don’t live near a phone repair shop.

Each service kit for an Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro has dozens of tools that are able to fix things like the trackpad, screen, top shell with battery, and more. Before trying to fix something, customers can look it over in the repair manual that the company gives them to make sure they are doing everything right. After that, consumers are able to use the repair platform to order the necessary tools.

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Apple has said that customers in the United States are able to order genuine Apple parts and tools starting on August 23. Clients can also rent a kit from the company for a week for $49. (shipping is free).

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