Friday, December 1, 2023

Apple Music removed Kanye West over his recent anti-Semitic remarks

It has reported that American rapper Kanye West has removed from Apple Music over his recent anti-Semitic remarks. West’s Essentials Playlist has taken off the streaming platform. It is an indication that the streaming giant is also breaking connections with the rapper in response to his harsh statements directed toward the Jewish community.

Reports says that Apple Music has removed Kanye West but the platform has not yet provided a statement on the issue. Moreover, in an interview, Spotify CEO also commented on West’s ‘terrible’ statements against the streaming service. It’s truly simply his music and our guidelines have not broken in any way by his music. It is up to his record company to decide whether or not they wish to take action.

Kanye West is experiencing severe consequences as a result of his anti-Semitic rants. It includes the termination of multiple collaborations. Following in the footsteps of Balenciaga, GAP and Vogue, Adidas has also severed their lengthy collaboration with the rapper.

Fruthermore, the social media networks Twitter and Instagram have stated that they removed West’s tweets. They have deemed to be anti-Semitic by its users. As a result, West’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have also blocked.

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