Monday, December 4, 2023

Apple may make iPads in India soon

Two nameless have said to CNBC that Apple and India are talking about starting to make iPads in India. Cupertino has done talk with government officials about the possibility of making tablets at the Tamil Nadu plant near Chennai. However, no firm decisions are did take yet.

Apple did start making some of its new iPad models in India after the production of the iPhone X first did hold up in China.

As soon as the pandemic did start in 2020. Apple did start to think about building more factories in other countries so that it didn’t rely so much on China. One of Apple’s biggest factories is in China, where many factories are currently closed because the COVID-19 virus keeps spreading.

Because of this, it’s hard to find an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max in many parts of the world right now.

At the Indian plant, they did start making Beats headphones, AirPod headphones, and the iPhone 14 in vanilla white. It is a first for the country since the plant had only did make older models before.

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Sources say that Apple doesn’t want to move iPad production to India because the country lacks enough skilled workers. People who know how to make complex mobile devices.

Foxconn makes 10% of iPhones in Chennai right now, but only 5% of iPhone 14 models are did make there. As Apple makes the change, it will keep building new facilities in Vietnam, Malaysia, and the United States.

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