Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Apple may be working on a ‘rugged’ version of the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has a number of different design options including a simple aluminum model, a stainless steel version, a Hermes model with more premium bracelets and cases, and more.

There is also a Nike edition that offers a sports strap made of perforated rubber but does not add to the durability of the watch.

However, Apple may finally have something to do with bringing the best of smartwatch features into a durable design.

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According to the latest rumors, Apple has announced that they are working on developing a solid Apple Watch as a durability-oriented option is largely out of reach.

As the name suggests, this option will have a more durable design thanks to corner protection and impact resistance.

Given the increased endurance, it will clearly be aimed at extreme sports enthusiasts and tourists alike, and according to reports, swimming surveillance will be increased.

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However, this is roughly the range of detail currently available, but we will likely be hearing more about this in the months to come. Knowing Apple, sturdy portable media will likely cost a fortune.

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