Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Apple is increasing App Store prices in Pakistan

Apple has said that starting next month, prices for apps and purchases did make within apps will go up in the App Store. This price increase is only for some markets, like the Eurozone and some countries in Asia and South America. This prestigious list also includes Pakistan.

Starting October 5, the new prices won’t affect memberships that automatically renew. So your regular payment won’t go up without your knowledge or permission.

Strange things are happening, Why?

If you’re wondering why it’s because Apple is constantly changing the prices in the App Store in different countries. Due to changes in currencies and tax rates, the Cupertino giant lowered prices in eurozone countries last year. The lowest starting price has fallen from 1.09 euros to 99 euro cents. The most recent change made the total 1.19 euro cents.

Several currencies, including the yen and the euro, fell as a result, and the rise in inflation around the world is to blame. For the first time in a long time, the euro is weaker than the US dollar. It recently hit its lowest point in over 20 years.

Why the new taxes are to blame

Asia (Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, and Vietnam) and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru) also feel the effects of the price increase (Chile). Some European countries’ issues are caused by inflation. While others’ system is run by stricter rules about collecting sales taxes from customers.

Apple has been looking for new ways to make money to make up for the decline in iPhone sales. The giant in the smartphone industry has recently worked in advertising and is building up its services division, which includes the App Store. Its value has grown quickly over the past few years and now hovers around $20 billion per quarter.

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