Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Apple is expected to equip all of its products with Face ID at some point

Currently, Face ID is only available for certain Apple products. This includes the higher-quality iPad Pro as well as the higher-quality iPhone. The rest of Apple’s lineup continues to use Touch ID. However, this may change in the future, according to the latest Power Gurman newsletter.

Gurman claims that Apple intends to equip Face ID to its range of products at some point, or rather, most of it. He claims that at some point the company will introduce the technology in their Macs, iPads, and iPhones. And Where they will all get this feature. He claimed that Apple wanted to release Touch ID whenever possible. But because it was a cheaper alternative to Face ID while still offering good security, they kept it.

Gurman also said one of the reasons Macs currently don’t support Face ID is that the screen is too thin to accommodate the depth sensor. With that in mind, it’s actually interesting to see its Touch ID. As Apple is reportedly planning to introduce Touch ID on the screen for future iPhones.

Anyway, we can’t say we’re surprised Apple is committed to making the future Face ID of its security protocol so real that it’s only a matter of when and not a matter of if.

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