Saturday, December 2, 2023

Apple Finally Allow the Russian Users to use pre-install Applications on iPhone

According to a report, Apple allows Russia to use pre-install Applications on their iPhones devices. Rather than give way to lengthy antitrust investigations, the country’s government is taking a much more direct route to ensure that developers in their own country get a fair switch to Apple Juggernaut.

Starting April 1, when consumers in Russia buy a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac. They will ask to open a new page on the App Store to download Russian software during setup. Apple said on Tuesday,

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The apps show offer by the Russian government, but Apple only shows apps that meet the company’s app store verification instructions.

This is the first time Apple has provided users with the option to install external software on their device during setup.

In a previous update to its mobile operating system, Apple added country-specific features, such as: B. Additional map views of China. Other commonly installed applications, such as B. from mobile carriers on Android devices, are, however, avoided.

Installing Russian software on local devices is not mandatory. But in recent years the government has limited the ability of citizens to communicate privately on their devices.

Agreement b/w Apple & Russian Ministry

According to the Ministry of Digital Affairs of Russia, this step is the result of an agreement between Apple and the Ministry on how this new law will be executed practically.

There is no doubt that Apple is pushing for a solution to the problem and App store.

Most importantly, from Apple’s point of view, each of these recommended apps will continue to come from the App Store. Therefore subject to the same privacy, security, and content standards as any other app.

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Apart from being placed on the “first page” during the iPhone setup process, no app on the Russian government list on the App Store received special treatment. Apple also believes to the requirement that users have the freedom to reject or remove applications in the list.

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