Saturday, December 2, 2023

Apple Employees have vowed to leave if they are compelled to return to the office

The ability to work from home indefinitely is important for Apple employees. According to an internal study by the company, some people would consider leaving their positions if forced to return to the office.

As The Verge reports, when the survey was sent out in June, nearly 90% of the 1,749 respondents fully agreed with the statement “flexible work opportunities are a very important issue to me”.

Unlike previous polls created by Apple executives, this poll is sent to Slack to allow employees to discuss the work themselves remotely. While the results show that some employees want to continue working from home. Only a fraction of the iPhone maker’s 147,000 employees is involved.

When asked for their opinion on the statement “I’m afraid some of my colleagues will have to leave Apple. Because of the lack of flexible work opportunities”. More than half (58.5%) of respondents said they completely agreed with the statement. 36.7 percent indicated they were afraid of having to resign because of a lack of flexibility.

Will Apple Employees Work from home?

After completing the survey, Apple employees sent the results, along with personal testimonial videos from 24 employees, to CEO Tim Cook and SVP of Retail and People Deirdre O’Brien why they thought the remote work option was important.

The company sent a hybrid video to its employees two weeks after receiving the survey results. In the video, Apple says it’s an “important personal collaboration” for its culture and future. That makes sense since the company spent a total of $5 billion buying land and building. And also on its new Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California.

While Apple said last December that its employees would not return to the office until this summer. The company has updated its plans. Starting in September this year, employees will return to company offices three days a week. They will come to the office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. But will be allowed to work remotely on Wednesdays and Fridays.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will give in to the demands of some of its employees or whether it will adopt a hybrid work model.

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