Friday, December 1, 2023

Apple can bring Contiguous Sound to its Virtual and Augmented Reality Devices

Virtual reality can make users feel like they have immersed in the virtual world they see. But visual effects only add to the effect to a certain extent. To create even more immersive feelings, audio can also play a role. And this is what Apple is investigating in a patent discovered by AppleInsider.
In general, it looks like Apple is looking to integrate contiguous sound into potential virtual reality or augmented reality devices. For example, according to patent specifications, the SR system can recognize that someone is taking several steps forward and, in response, adjust the graphics and audio presented to that person in a similar way to how similar traits and sounds would turn into one. physical setting. “

For foreigners, apple contiguous sound creates the illusion that the sound is coming from a different direction. This means that instead of sound coming from the left or right, it can give the impression. That the sound could be coming from the front, back, and other directions, which makes it more realistic.

This actually makes sense when used with virtual reality systems because, as I said, it can help add depth of immersion.

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