Thursday, June 8, 2023

Anne-Marie aspires to be a private investigator

A “private investigator,” Anne-Marie aims to catch cheats. The singer of ‘Don’t Play’ has shown her ‘dream career’ as a private investigator, as she would want to be paid to ‘capture’ individuals who dislike their spouse.

“I always try to catch people out, she said the Sun tabloid. I aspired to be a private detective throughout my whole life.

Anne-Marie has been working on new songs for the past year while she waits for her detective career to get off the ground.

Anne-Marie said, “Music is treatment for everyone. It helps us in tough situations, it is always there for us if we feel alone, and it is there for us if we need to let free and dance in the living room.”

“But I just crashed when the pandemic occurred and my music had stopped me from living – I was so down, I was so unhappy, so confused as to make me happy, so once a week I began treatment and it transformed my life totally.

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