Monday, February 26, 2024

Android 12 Developer Preview Has Been Released

Traditionally, Google has released a developer preview of the upcoming Android 12 update. Android 12 is the next big update for the Android operating system.

Developer preview releases are intend to help us understand some of the potential features of the upcoming operating system.

Since it’s a developer preview, non-programmers still can’t install it. Google states that the beta version for Android 12 will open later, but the exact date is not yet available.

Source: Wikimedia commons/Android phones

In this beta version, non-developers can take part in promotions.

Obviously there will be a lot of big changes now, as well as small changes being made in Android with Android 12. Android 12 Developer Preview will be our first look at Android 12’s new UI design.

This includes a change to the notification where Google redesigns the layout to increase the amount of information shown. It also includes smoother transitions, animations, faster signals, and more.

There will also be features like haptic feedback that match audio playback and can be useful in-game.

Google also notes that the new privacy measures introduced that we last heard of could affect Apple’s privacy functions and block tracking.

However, we expect more details about Android 12 to be released in the coming weeks.

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