Friday, February 23, 2024

Andrew and Harry watch House Lords discuss a law amendment

Many analysts and observers on the royal family believe that Prince Andrew and Prince Harry are on the verge of being removed from their positions as Counsellors of the State for King Charles.

The proposed amendment to the law will be discussed in the House of Lords, and if passed, it will make it illegal for members of the royal family to serve as Counsellors of State if they have not carried out official responsibilities on a consistent basis during the previous two years.

In response to King Charles’ demand, the law that would amend the Counselors of State is going to be debated and amended tomorrow.

After the Duke of Sussex resigned from his royal duties and relocated to California with his family, while the Duke of York was caught up in a sex scandal, Prince Harry and Andrew fell out of favour with the royal family. This happened as a direct result of both of these events.

His late mother, Queen Elizabeth, stripped Andrew of all of his military titles and royal patronages before she passed away.

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