An Apple car would give tough competition to Tesla

Tesla is called “the Apple of the automotive industry” for the number of technology in its vehicles. But An Apple car would give tough competition to Tesla and other automakers.

Apple is in talks to make a partnership with South Korean automaker Hyundai-Kia for an electric vehicle.

Apple is known for its secrecy and there is little information about what its business model would look like for a so-called Apple Car.

But in general, the technology giant entering new segments – phones, watches, music, streaming, etc. It put significant pressure on legacy companies to incorporate their user interfaces and products. A car would probably be no different.

“There’s no question that Apple getting into the auto industry at all is going to put pressure on the rest of the car industry to up their game on their consumer experience,” said Michael Ramsey, vice president, automotive and smart mobility analyst at research firm Gartner.

Ramsey said Apple’s ecosystem could “all be seamlessly integrated into an Apple-specific car,” which no other company except Google would be able to match.

It means more competition. That’s kind of the bottom line. It’s more competition,” said Stephanie Brinley, principal automotive analyst at IHS Markit. “And it’s also very well-funded competition if they decided to do this.”

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