Saturday, December 2, 2023

WATCH: Amna Ilyas Latest Funny Dance Video

Started to making her introduction as an entertainer, Amna Ilyas was at that point a notable Pakistani model. She made a crushing passage in media outlets as an entertainer with the job of Rubina in the film Zinda Bhaag.

Because of her disputable content from time to time, Amna has now easily become a commonly recognized name. Although Her most recent video on Instagram appears to have made a free for all via online media in which she can be seen twerking.

Amna Ilyas. _ Photo Credits/Instagram

From time to time we see this model turned entertainer mix some sort of discussion. She generally figures out how to get enduring an onslaught and affront the online media clients somehow. Now this time, the “Saat Din Mohabbat In” diva Amna concocted something other than expected.

Here is the funny video, appreciate!

However, The Baaji entertainer took to Instagram to share an amusing video. Surely in which she dressed as an older woman. In the video, she can be seen shaking her back, doing a dance to Cardi B’s WAP. “Abhi tou mai jawaan hoon [I am still young],” the subtitle read.

As it shows up, the video is from her forthcoming venture which we assume is title Abhi Tou Mai Jawan Hoon.

Indeed, the video collected a wide range of response. While some appear to be very irritated by her activities. Whereas some others discover her to disregard the clothing. Then again, many are sent into attacks of giggling.

Ilyas has moved gradually up the style and amusement stepping stool conveying only her glad and earthy colored skin with determined ability. A month ago, the Saat Din Mohabbat In diva educated a couple netizenson web-based media after an image she posted incited the fierceness of the ethical detachment on Instagram on a lady’s body. It would do the trick to say that Ilyas is known to mix debates.

In October a year ago, Ilyas brought up how the previous Pakistani model Aaminah Haq has put on weight and become fat in a somewhat repulsive way. Afterward, subsequent to being called out, she rejected that it was her. All the more in this way, rather than saying ‘sorry’ she further stoked the fire.

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