Friday, March 24, 2023

American Coach Randall Arms to train Pakistani Asian Games Team

Pakistan Federation Baseball (PFB) has enlisted the help of American coach Randall Arms to conduct an instructional session for the general public in advance of the Asian Games.

According to sources, an agreement has been reached between the PFB and Arms, and the last option will arrive in Pakistan one month after the first option.

According to PFB President Syed Fakhar Ali Shah, weapons would be smuggled into Pakistan for a period of one month. The educational course is scheduled to take place during the second seven-day stretch of May.

It is planned to have an Asian Games instructional course the second seven-day stretch in the month of May.

“We are currently in discussions with Arms, who is scheduled to visit Pakistan in one month.” He’ll be working with the group for a month, helping them to prepare for the competition.

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