Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Actress Ambyr Childers filed for a restraining order against her ex-husband

According to reports, American actress Ambyr Childers has filed for a restraining order against her ex-husband Randall Emmett. Despite the interim emergency order for Childers have denied, a full hearing for the restraining order will be place on November 14.

Emmett’s attorney said in a statement, “Randall is extremely glad the court agrees that there was no merit to any of these allegations and denied the motion”. However, the group led by Childers didn’t bother to reply.

Ambyr Childers filed for a restraining order after learning of threatening communications between Emmett and his attorney. Attorney allegedly said, “When will you put some serious money together so that we can finally get rid of her. This is not good for your daughters”. Whereas, Emmett allegedly said, “I don’t have genuine money for this and you know it.”

Moreover, the reporters approached attorney for comment but she did not immediately respond. Those supposed emails’ original intent have thrown into question by Childers’ assertion. The words finality and desperation stand out as the most terrifying aspects of those statements.

In the event, it’s part of some type of mind game, where the intimidation is the objective. The behaviour is abusive and has to stopp. Randy was emotionally and verbally abusing her, gaslighting her and manipulating me. Moreover, when they have married, Emmett had a device set to watch her vehicle.

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