Sunday, October 1, 2023

Amber Heard tops Google searches in 2022

Amber Heard has surpassed Johnny Depp to become the star that is being searched for the most in the year 2022.

According to the Hollywood news website CelebTattler, the 36-year-old actor has topped the list with an average of 5.6 million searches each month in the United States. CelebTattler was created to report on happenings in the entertainment industry.

On the other side, Johnny came in at a respectable second place on the list with 5.5 million monthly searches.

“This year has certainly not been lacking when it comes to celebrity news stories,” CelebTattler said in a statement to The New York Post. “Whether it be Elon Musk taking over Twitter or the ‘Don’t Worry, Darling’ behind-the-scenes drama,” the statement continued, “this year has certainly not been lacking.”

The late Queen Elizabeth II, Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk, Tom Brady, and Pete Davidson were all included on the list.

During his reign, the late monarch was the subject of 4.3 million Google searches each and every month.

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