Friday, December 1, 2023

Amber Heard made the next move against her ex-husband Johnny Depp

The defamation trial of Amber Heard against Johnny Depp finished months ago but the matter has now moved further. The Virginia court recently sided with Depp awarding him $10.35 million and the actress has found guilty of libel and lost the case. It quickly became common knowledge that Heard lacked the financial wherewithal to make good on the harm.

She filed an appeal of the judgment and Depp’s lawyers promptly filed an appeal of their own. There were no more developments in the case after then. The actor of Pirates of the Caribbean is working hard to revive his career since then. As Amber visits several countries including Israel and Spain.

Now, Amber Heard has reportedly filed an appealing brief against Johnny Depp with the court. She is citing 16 grounds for appeal in light of the Johnny Depp case. In the new legal paperwork, the appeal has based on the absence of clear and convincing proof of genuine malice.

In case you missed it, Amber Heard won $2 million in her countersuit during the trial. Actress has filed fresh court documents in which she criticized the judgement as inherently and irreconcilably conflicting. According to the third argument, the trial court made a mistake by letting Mr. Depp argue or indicate at trial. The jury may award damages based on remarks or actions happening before the publication of the challenged op-ed.

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