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Amazon’s future is changing under new CEO Andy Jesse

Andy Jesse took over as CEO from founder Jeff Bezos earlier this year. This leadership change has followed by a series of leadership changes and resignations. Moreover, AWS, the main profit driver, saw the biggest shock. Other business areas are also changing along with Amazon’s future.
Amazon is in the midst of the biggest shake-up in its history. It sets the future course and casts doubt on the western world’s largest e-commerce and cloud computing companies.

Can the $1.6 trillion giant continue to grow after a huge spike in sales during the 2020 pandemic? Stocks have stagnated over the past year while the rest of the stock market exploded. There’s a new CEO, Andy Jesse, who recently took over from founder Jeff Bezos. Will Jesse lead a tech giant like his former boss?

Here’s a quick rundown of the headlines on Amazon, including the latest hiring and exits, plus in-depth insight into AWS’ cloud business, new robot and drone projects, and controversial plans to increase enterprise productivity.

The Best Leaders At Amazon

Dave Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Worldwide Consumer Business at Amazon

Since Jassy became CEO and Bezos became CEO earlier that year, there has been a battle for leadership positions between them and many resignations.
Dave Clark became CEO of Amazon’s global consumer business that year, succeeding Jeff Wilk, who left the company. Clark oversees everything from Amazon’s warehouse and transportation network to Prime’s marketing and membership programs.

Adam Selipski replaces Jassy as CEO of Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud computing operation. Charlie Bell, a veteran in the clouds, left, and James Hamilton, a respected engineer, have elevated to the mighty S-Team. We wish that these changing in staff will help in the favor of Amazon’s bright future.

Jeff Blackburn returned to the company in June to head Amazon’s media and entertainment division, which includes Prime Video, Amazon Studios, Emit, Podcasts, sounds and games.

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