Friday, December 1, 2023

Amazon’s Appstore update is expected to fix bugs with Android 12

Users of Android 12 have been experiencing performance issues for more than a month. And Amazon has now released an update for Amazon’s Appstore that should resolve the problem (via Engadget). Several customers reported that the Amazon Appstore was not functioning properly after installing Android 12. This has believed to have been due to incompatibility between the operating system and Amazon’s built-in digital rights management (DRM).

An Amazon staff member posts an update on the Amazon support site, where the issue was first brought to light. The technical team has issued an update to address the issue between the Appstore and the Android 12 operating system. He claims that you may download the update from Amazon’s website that you should sign out of the Appstore and back in again after you have completed the installation of the update. You’ll then need to update any apps that you’ve downloaded by navigating to the Amazon Appstore, selecting “My Apps,” and then selecting “Updates,” as seen below.

However, it appears that this patch does not appear to be effective for everyone. Some users on the site have reported that they are still experiencing problems as a result of the update. When trying to access a single programme, a few of different users have reported that they are receiving compatibility errors. Another user has reported that they are receiving compatibility errors when trying to open all of their apps.

Amazon spokesperson Troy Edwards told that the company is in the process of emailing customers with instructions on how to refresh their Appstore experience. “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.”

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