Thursday, April 18, 2024

Amazon fixes Pakistan sellers’ deactivation issues

Amazon has done fix an issue that makes accounts for sellers in Pakistan and other places start getting collapse automatically.

Amazon recently said that it will no longer automatically close the accounts of sellers in Pakistan. Instead, it is up to the sellers to make sure that account health rules to follow.

The new “Account Health Rating” policy on Amazon will make sellers happy all over the world. The rule says that vendors must keep their account health score above 250, but if it drops below that level, they will get 10 more days to raise it.

If the seller has not had the extra medical rating, their Amazon account will not lock right away. Instead, they may get an email, and if they still don’t meet Amazon’s requirements, their accounts always do turn off.

By easing restrictions and standards for sellers, Amazon hopes to win back sellers’ trust, which is shaken by rising economic worries and slower sales growth.

With the goal of “doing more with less,” like other digital giants like Meta, Spotify, Twitter, etc., Amazon started laying off employees in its gadget business on the same day it does announce. The site did list below has more information.

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So far, only Canada and the US did start using the new Account Health Rating policy. But other countries will do so in the next few months. It’s not clear when will use in Pakistan, but it probably won’t occur until the following year.

In August of this year, Mian Chanu and Sahiwal in Punjab became named “fraud red zones.” As a result, Amazon temporarily shut down 13,000 accounts in Pakistan. It became did find that dishonest practices also do use by sellers in these areas.

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