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Following a work-related injury, some Amazon employees claim they struggled to get paid and time off

Amazon employees claim it’s difficult to secure paid time off following a work injury. Employees’ compensation is not available for workplace injuries, citing The Guardian. Amazon told the publication it is spending “hundreds of millions” on security. It’s difficult to secure compensation and time off from Amazon, according to The Guardian on Thursday.

Chloe Roberson, 21, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, said she hurt her knee while working at Amazon this year and had surgery in October. She hasn’t been able to work since the incident and was denied workers’ compensation due to a 14-year-old dislocated kneecap. As Roberson admitted to The Guardian, he’s had to go to bat for his time off and salary. “Amazon continues to put me through stress that I haven’t cried in days.”

Mustafa Omar, whose job requires him to move large goods, said he hurt his back after falling into a pallet in November. Amazon has yet to authorize Omar’s medical care and workers’ compensation. The firm informed him he couldn’t go to physical therapy, even though his doctor advised it.

Top Concern of Amazon

Amazon told that employee safety is a “top concern” and that the corporation is investing “hundreds of millions” in it. Due to the pandemic, Natalie Monarrez, an Amazon ship dock worker, developed a swelled ankle as a result of standing for lengthy periods of time and transporting heavy items.

Despite manager opposition, Monarrez filed a workers’ compensation claim in August 2020. She said she couldn’t reach Amazon’s workers’ compensation insurance, Sedgwick, to raise her wages and get medical treatment for her ankle.

In June, the Washington Post reported that Amazon warehouse workers were more likely to be injured than Walmart employees. Amazon’s warehouses had the highest rate of serious injuries in the last four years.

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