Thursday, March 30, 2023

Amazon execs charged with marijuana smuggling in India

Police in Madhya Pradesh, central India, claimed Saturday evening that they have charged executives of Amazon India with using the e-commerce platform for smuggling marijuana into the South Asian market. The cops didn’t say how many senior officials they accused. But said they found contradictions in Amazon India’s answer to an ongoing inquiry. Unnamed Amazon India executives have charged with narcotics offences, the state police said.

Last Monday, authorities in Madhya Pradesh detained two men with 20 kg (44 pounds) of marijuana. Amazon said last week and again today that it was helping the authorities. Mr. Mishra said Amazon was not participating in the investigation into the alleged exploitation of its marketplace in India.

“Amazon has contacted but refused. We’ll get them. If Amazon’s MD-CEO does not cooperate, Mishra said, “we will take action”. Moreover Amazon India informed that it has a “high bar on compliance” and that its vendors must follow all applicable regulations to sell on We do not allow the listing and sale of things that are illegal in India.”

When merchants list such products, we as a middleman take the necessary legal measures to ensure that the products have removed from the market. A spokesperson for us has reached out to us, and we are looking into the matter. Additionally there is no doubt that we will do everything in our power to assist authorities in their investigation. And to comply with all applicable laws, a statement from the company said.

American e-commerce behemoth invested over $6 billion in India

Amazon’s biggest foreign market is India. The American e-commerce behemoth has invested over $6 billion in India. The company is currently under antitrust investigation in India and has involved in a multi-billion dollar transaction with Future Retail and Reliance Retail, two of India’s largest retail chains.

The e-commerce behemoth’s woes continue. In September, a company whistleblower in India claimed legal representatives bribed government authorities. Moreover Amazon said it was looking into the claim.

Earlier this year, Amazon apologized to Indian viewers who felt offended by a nine-part Prime Video miniseries.

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